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Why I Started Coaching

I began competing and teaching in the 90’s. As I progressed in my career, I recognized my talent for helping peers and students bring their surfing to the next level. Since then, professional surf coaching has become an inescapable current of inspiration and community. It is my passion to share the lessons inherent to surfing, and help students build upon their natural talents. I take a holistic approach to coaching. Training the body, mind, and soul. Each student will recognize their unique talent and style, and build upon those abilities to become a more mindful, fluid, and dynamic surfer.

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My background 

Surfing has always called to me. I knew early in my career that I would dedicate myself to becoming a professional surfer. I began competing and teaching in the 90’s. 


As an amateur I frequently trained and competed. Making it to finals in Rio de Janeiro, and earned a solid ranking in Brazil. At the age of 19, I turned pro. I later became runner up for the state, was ranked in the top 16 of the Brazilian Super Trials. I earned my top WQS ranking when I took second place at the 2002 Billabong Pro Panama. It was during this time that I was invited to judge amateur competitions in Rio state, and began representing professional surfers on the ABRASP committee. 


In 2006 I moved to California to be closer to the World Surf League headquarters. In 2010 I was asked by the WSL to be a surf analyst for the Brazilian broadcast. Since that time, I’ve had the good fortune to surf the best spots with top surfers and friends from around the world.


I’ve heard that exercise is a celebration of what your body is capable of. I’ve lived this philosophy my entire life. I am a life-long student of Jiu Jitsu and continue to build upon a 25-year yoga practice. Recently, I began Ido Portal Training, which blends fighting, dance, agility, and strength. The lessons I’ve learned from my practice I use for my surf coaching with my students, allowing them to move through the environment with greater power and efficiency. 


It’s no secret that healthy bodies make for healthy minds, and healthy people support healthy communities. My goal is to draw upon my experience and training to help students realize their abilities, develop an honest mindset, and recognize their connection to a larger whole. Supporting harmony between mind, body, spirit, environment, and community.

My Classes

Wetsurftraining classes are geared toward students looking to take their surfing to the next level. This requires trust, time, and commitment. Fun is always encouraged, but you will be asked to safely push your boundaries. More time training equals more time to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. 


Classes are flexible, in that each class is tailored to the student and surf conditions. Though we will spend lots of time in the water, if the surf is too big or too small, we will adjust accordingly. Many conditioning and agility drills are performed on the sand. Each student will receive individualized exercise and conditioning regimes that are designed to help you realize your potential in and out of the water.



This is for young and ambitious surfers from ages of 10-16. Through video analysis and movement corrections, grom classes help students make better use of their boards and move with greater fluidity.


3 hour session

   - 2 h surfing

   - 30 min workout

   - 30 min video analysis

$100 per surfer



For the ripper groms, ages 10-18, who aspire to become a pro. To get students competition-ready, these classes consist of rigorous training, conditioning exercises, and many scored practice heats.


You will learn WSL rules, how to structure a heat, priority rules and frequently compete with other advanced groms. This class is very demanding and is only for fully committed surfers. Maximum of 6 surfers per class for the best outcome


3.5 hour per session (incl. workouts)

$80 per student



For recreational and intermediate surfers. Be it finding the right board, improving your rail game or landing airs. Lessons are tailored to your interests. Just like our competition students, recreational students will benefit from video analysis and one-on-one coaching. 


In order to get the best outcome I need full commitment in these classes.During these classes we can identify stand-out aspects that you can incorporate into your surfing.


10 classes, each 2.5hours 

$3000 for the complete package

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